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Who knows, maybe something unexpected might happen.

Who knows, maybe something unexpected might happen.

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heart attack

all thanks to Michelle….

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I want to zzzz

Right now I feel like fainting and snoozing on my computer table… I really cannot stand the tiredness anymore. Ok so let me give a quick brief outline of what happened during TD camp (more complete one will be in my other blog, on another day bah). We had this line of activities planned… will leave that till next time.

Franny, Li Yuan & Li Yi were sleeping next to me at night, with Michelle at the opposite side of the room. Lots of laughs! Till my stomach hurt so badly on the 2nd day. Let me skip to the more interesting part. Ok so I don’t deny, I was waiting at the driveway around 7++ am today and yesterday for ____ to come. Heh. I state again, it was purely out of curiosity. Nothing else. But once again my efforts were in vain. Hmph -.- Was freezing on the first night because the temperature of the air con was set at 23 degrees, at high fan! What the. Now my nose is feeling really unwell. Stuffy and blocked. :/ 

And for once I actually joined in with LY & Fran in drawing the ‘family tree’. LOL super funny… esp with the part on the 6 packs… ok nvm only those ppl in the family tree should know about this. :) 

Ok sorry my eyelids are giving way so bye! Maybe I will post later.

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I took 1/2 hour to pack… Amazing!

Teeheeeee… I took only 30 min to pack my bag finish! :O I hope I have everything… I can’t wait for camp! Wheeeee! But sad that Michelle’s only able to come at around 5pm +. :( 

Hm… come to think of it now. I’ll be spending almost 3 whole days with the 2 musketeers (you should know who I am referring to right now)… I guess it is good/bad in a way. But definitely good > bad. Hehe :D Of course good > bad by more than 100%. Super looking forward!

And the following camp is Teens IDOL camp! Woo! I can’t believe it’s 1 year since my first IDOL camp last year, exactly on the same dates… And btw, IDOL stands for intensive development of leadership. So don’t expect me to go and do some tribal dance in the middle of the jungle (again, only the musketeers would know what I am talking about… tsk tsk). Cause that will NEVER happen. And oh no, there’s this prom night on the 2nd day and I really don’t have anything to wear. Even Alicia managed to borrow from her friend. Bah…. please I don’t want to wear!! >.<” But the most disappointing thing is, we WON’T be going shopping (to Jusco last year) this time round cause the resort is not near any shopping areas. So… I can’t get my watermelon! Booo hoooooo ;.;

Okokokok I think I better go now, bye! (BTW the blog will still have new posts as I set the posts to queue).

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Another Wave of Mixed Feelings

Today. Is another ride on the roller coaster. Let me type out a timeline to explain why.

Before/during/after sch - Gave chocolates to Sugi, Li Yuan, Grace, Francesca, Charmaine & Claris (who had the best one because of her birthday last fri.)

History - Disappointment because of CT2. Then back to normal during discussion.

Maths - Lost at first because Mr Eng said I had an improvement… and I got a M&Ns chocolate?! Then when I got back my paper, I was joyous because I had never gotten that mark before for Maths in any CT.

Eng - Bored. Then when it was pair work, I kinda used it to talk to Anisha, and share on a bit of my problems with ____. 

Recess - Choir recess singing. But now it’s just working with the sec 1s. Was kind of angry and disappointed that both Sugi & Charmaine skipped the session. But anyway afterwards I was quite ok because I got to interact with the sec 1s, which is part of my new yr’s resolution…

After recess - Surprised as I discovered something under my table, a gift from Esther… with a letter….

SEL - Happy because we changed back to our usual sitting position! Yay. Finally not at the side anymore.

Science - Relieved that the papers didn’t come back. And then frustrated as I couldn’t draw the ray diagrams right. 

MT - Awkward, because of _____

R&P - Laughed all the way~ Because of filming NG shots and talking about Mr Aiman’s really nice handwriting. Lol.

Choir - was pretty ok today. Released 1 hr earlier than usual, yay! Plus had more time to interact with buddies, and I paired up with Sugi & Charmaine to teach the buddies… Sugi is just so pro.


Anyway the main point is actually that Esther wrote me a long “mushy” letter tgt with a gift. Sigh, but this does not change the way how I feel towards you Esther. Sigh. -_- How?

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