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Another Wave of Mixed Feelings

Today. Is another ride on the roller coaster. Let me type out a timeline to explain why.

Before/during/after sch - Gave chocolates to Sugi, Li Yuan, Grace, Francesca, Charmaine & Claris (who had the best one because of her birthday last fri.)

History - Disappointment because of CT2. Then back to normal during discussion.

Maths - Lost at first because Mr Eng said I had an improvement… and I got a M&Ns chocolate?! Then when I got back my paper, I was joyous because I had never gotten that mark before for Maths in any CT.

Eng - Bored. Then when it was pair work, I kinda used it to talk to Anisha, and share on a bit of my problems with ____. 

Recess - Choir recess singing. But now it’s just working with the sec 1s. Was kind of angry and disappointed that both Sugi & Charmaine skipped the session. But anyway afterwards I was quite ok because I got to interact with the sec 1s, which is part of my new yr’s resolution…

After recess - Surprised as I discovered something under my table, a gift from Esther… with a letter….

SEL - Happy because we changed back to our usual sitting position! Yay. Finally not at the side anymore.

Science - Relieved that the papers didn’t come back. And then frustrated as I couldn’t draw the ray diagrams right. 

MT - Awkward, because of _____

R&P - Laughed all the way~ Because of filming NG shots and talking about Mr Aiman’s really nice handwriting. Lol.

Choir - was pretty ok today. Released 1 hr earlier than usual, yay! Plus had more time to interact with buddies, and I paired up with Sugi & Charmaine to teach the buddies… Sugi is just so pro.


Anyway the main point is actually that Esther wrote me a long “mushy” letter tgt with a gift. Sigh, but this does not change the way how I feel towards you Esther. Sigh. -_- How?

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